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3 min readJan 30, 2022

Attarius: Your one-stop shop for gamers and game developers

Source: Attarius Website

If you are a gamer or an aspiring game developer who has always thought of creating your own game on the blockchain, you may want to sit up and read on. We all know that play-to-earn gaming is an extremely lucrative industry and prices of NFT assets of the most popular games have been skyrocketing in price. However, the blockchain is complicated, and if you are a traditional gamer or are completely new to crypto, how and where do you get started?

The Attarius Network might just have the solution for you. Attarius is a launchpad-marketplace with free blockchain for game studios, with a high level of technical and advisory support from the Attarius Team and their community. It allows developers and players to explore new horizons with their vast infrastructure that provides new opportunities to integrate a game with all the play-to-earn gaming components.

They’ve identified that the journey for blockchain games and its ecosystem is a long and arduous process. As a result, there are countless games in the market today without a proper ecosystem and also countless NFT assets that are worthless due to oversaturation in the market. Attarius’ goal is to make blockchain technology more accessible to the gamers around the world and provide game developers with the most flexible and convenient tool that can help them create, maintain and scale their project.

The idea behind Attarius was not to create just another NFT marketplace. The team wanted to create a place where creators, gamers and sellers could congregate and connect. Creators can focus on creating tons of gaming assets with the knowledge that the copyrights are protected and selling it on the marketplace. Gamers and sellers have a legitimate marketplace to trade at, as they know that Attarius is the one-stop shop that they’ll ever need. Attarius also wanted to ensure that this platform would be able to support indie gaming studios, so that they can get access to funding through angel or capital investment from their fans or professional investors.

Source: Attarius Website

In essence, Attarius provides a complete ecosystem of decentralized solutions that are user-friendly for both game developers and gamers. These include a game developer toolkit for them to tokenize game assets: native blockchain, a single payment system, the DeFi ecosystem and NFT. They are also integrating with the fastest and most promising existing blockchains and protocols for a better scaling and easier transfer of crypto and digital assets.

Not only that, Attarius strongly believes in the potential for blockchain games and have therefore created an initiative together with Human Guild to support gaming projects at all stages of their development, starting right from the inception of the concept stage.Just email them using the link on their website and they would be happy to discuss your game project, be it one that is already existing or still at the concept stage!

The native token of Attarius is the Attarius Coin ($ATRN) which will serve as a payment currency in the Attarius ecosystem, as a fee settlement mechanism (payment for any transaction), and to create and run smart contracts. Holders of $ATRN can also stake the token for rewards, enjoy a reduction in cost in minting NFTs, and can also use it to support projects that you like on the Attarius Launchpad.

Attarius is setting the stage for an all-in-one NFT ecosystem for the gaming industry, which will specialize in developing blockchain gaming in the Middle East and Asia. According to their road map, the TGE is expected to occur in Q1 2022, with the mainnet also expected in the same quarter. Integrations with other chains and other improvements to the platform will happen throughout the rest of the year. Make sure that you follow their official channels below so that you will get the latest from them as soon as it happens!

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