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Authtrail — Not just another data management system

Source: Authtrail Twitter

The issue of data integrity has plagued mankind and businesses since humans were able to retain and manage data. As technological advances allow us to process large amounts of data, data manipulation and mismanagement become common pain points for companies worldwide.

The existing data systems that we use today may seem to be useful but are they enough? They tend to be centralized and also managed by administrators. This in itself means that should there be a data breach by an administrator, the integrity of the data is immediately compromised and may not even be uncovered till much later. Given the centralized nature of such systems, it would also be easy enough for the system vendor/supplier to also be manipulated into aligning with the perpetrators, so that the arrangement is beneficial to both.

As such, the decentralized nature of Blockchain technology has emerged as a front runner to solving these issues. However, organizations lack the time, skill or know-how to make this a reality. Our strategic partner Authtrail wants to change that.

Authtrail is a market-ready, fast, and simple data integrity platform powered by blockchain. It is cloud-based and provides a scalable and secure layer between enterprise applications and blockchain networks. The Authtrail API accesses enterprise databases, both online and offline, as well as data generating applications, to gather relevant data on a central point from start to finish. In the validation process, the data is verified and anchored as a hash on the blockchain network.

Source: Authtrail Twitter

Integration with legacy systems is straightforward, and its intuitive user interface speeds adoption among enterprise users. With Authtrail, companies get multiple benefits:

  1. Implementing blockchain technology into daily operations without any additional knowledge or sources needed. Authtrail is deployed as a Software as a Service (SaaS), which aims to make integration into your existing applications seamless.
  2. Authtrail hashes and stores large amounts of data faster and at a lower cost, which means higher scalability of processes.
  3. Enterprise data is permanently inscribed on the blockchain, allowing for a complete overview of data history to all authorized users, be it internal teams, partners, clients, or auditors.
  4. Enterprise data is kept secure as Authtrail never stores it on private servers, meaning zero data leakage or GDPR risks.

Authtrail was originally built on Ethereum, but thanks to a lower barrier to entry on the Moonbeam Network, Authtrail now leverages Moonbeam for its higher efficiency and lower transaction costs.

Although Authtrail relies on the Moonbeam Network as the main blockchain layer, the platform is actually blockchain-agnostic by design. Thanks to various blockchain connectors, the platform can implement different types of blockchain networks, even private ones, to anchor the data root hashes.

If you are interested in better understanding Authtrail’s core functionalities, you can visit the Authtrail Demo. In the future, in order to use Authtrail’s functionalities of data hashing and data anchoring, Authtrail tokens ($AUT) will be required. For more information on the tokenomics and use of Authtrail tokens, you can visit their article here.

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