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2 min readDec 18, 2021


Battle Saga: The next generation game where you can earn without playing!

Source: Battle Saga Website

With Battle Saga, a new generation of games has arrived. We’ve all heard of play-to-earn and free-to-play but have you heard of earn-without-playing? Battle Saga is exactly that and more. Inspired by ‘Clash of Clans’, it is a strategy game using NFT technology that aspires to provide a groundbreaking gaming experience to players. coupled with DeFi tools, DAO governance and its own high-quality metaverse.

Battle Saga takes place thousands of years ago when humans were still venturing and exploring the earth, looking for resources in order to survive. One day, some of them found a magical land which was populated with mythical creatures and resources that were essential for survival. As more and more people started to move to this new world, resources started to deplete and the human race became more hostile, as everybody started to fend for themselves.

Battles were endless and this is how the story of this new world became a Battle Saga. In Battle Saga, there are a few different modes of gameplay:

  • Build: Build your base camp and upgrade your buildings and towers
  • Defend: Build your base camp strategically to defend from attackers in order to win battles and resources
  • Attack: Attack other base camps with your troops to loot resources
  • Train & Trade: Train your troops to use for battle or sell in the marketplace

During the game, you can earn without playing by pre-building your defenses. Should your enemies attack your base and fail, you will then get to earn rewards from there. So you do not have to actually be playing the game in order to earn.

Battle Saga will have two tokens, $BTL and $GOLD. $BTL will function as the game’s governance token, while $GOLD will be the in-game token. $BTL can be traded on DEX/CEX and can be used to swap for $GOLD. In addition, it will be used to buy/sell NFTs in the marketplace. $GOLD will only be used in the game, and can be used to train troops, upgrade assets, breed heroes and will also be used as rewards payout. You will also be able to either stake or farm your NFTs and $BTL in order to earn rewards.

The beta version of the game is expected to drop in Q1 2022, with the final game expected shortly after. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting your hands on $BTL tokens, keep a lookout for their IDO happening in December 2021.

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