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Endless Battlefield — The ultimate military strategy and exploration sandbox metaverse

Source: EB Website

Endless Battlefield, abbreviated as EB, is a military strategy and exploration sandbox metaverse built on Unreal Engine. Using planets as the basis of the map, it provides different modes to cater for different playing styles. Casual players can start off their adventure by exploring and doing activities such as hunting, fishing, mining, and building their homeland in planet online mode.

If you are ready to start battling and conquering your enemies, you can switch to Combat Mode where you can experience either First Person or Third Person view during combat. Aiming and shooting skills are competitive advantages to survive in the battlefield, so make sure that you train up your skill and invest in the best equipment. You will be rewarded and earn tokens when you collect materials, construct sites and win battles, as the game has a well-balanced play-to-earn system.

Source: EB Medium

Endless Battlefield offers two tokens, $EB and $EBC, both of which are given out as rewards for playing the game.

$EB is the governance token with a maximum supply of 1 billion. The $EB token provides value to the EB ecosystem where holders can participate in community governance and voting to influence major decisions in the game. $EB is also consumed when players create characters, forge weapons, purchase NFTs and upgrade main cities. There are several ways to acquire $EB: purchasing from DEX, selling NFTs, rewards by defeating a world boss, and collecting taxes from main cities.

$EBC is the utility token with an unlimited supply. In combat mode, $EBC is required to initiate the battle. In planet online mode, $EBC can be earned and consumed through selling raw materials, crafting potions, and minting tech NFTs.

To start playing the game, you’ll need to create a character in the Character Creation page. Tokens will be required if you want to change your characters’ appearances. In planet online mode, you are required to customize your characters before you can start the adventure, and the cost is 10 $EB + 100 $EBC. Each character has two attributes: Health Points and Stamina Points. When HP and SP are exhausted, you will need to purchase rejuvenation potions and stamina potions to restore them in order to continue playing the game.

It is important to note that except $EB and $EBC which can be shared in the two modes, the characters, weapons and tools that you own cannot be shared or transferred between two modes. If you are interested in using the marketplace, take note that $EBC is used to trade basic prop NFTs and $EB is used to trade all other types of NFTs.

There are many other ways to earn tokens or rewards:

- World Boss: There are 200 World Bosses located all across the planets. The ranking in the leaderboard is based upon the damage given to the Boss after the Boss is defeated. 500 $EB will be distributed to the top 10 players in accordance with their ranking. The world boss refresh time is set to 24 hours and a total of 100,000 $EB will be emitted every 24 hours.

- Elite Monsters: There are 1,000 elite monsters dispersed around the planets. Elite monsters have random probabilities to drop basic prop NFTs. The refresh time is set to 24 hours and a total of 100 basic prop NFTs will be dropped when elite monsters are defeated.

- Alliance: Stake 100,000 $EB to create an Alliance and players can join after paying a joining fee which is determined by the Alliance. 10% of that fee goes to the dev team and will be used either for token buyback or transferred back to the minting contract, while the creator can keep the rest.

- Main City: There are 5 main cities built by ED across the planets. Each city provides a safe zone for players to rest. The system releases 100,000 $EB every 24 hours in the game world. The alliance that captures the main city is required to stake $EB in the center of the main city. The rewards will be allocated dynamically to the alliances based on the amount of $EB they have staked in each main city. Within the Alliance, the rewards are also assigned to members based on the amount of $EB staked in the main city.

- Taxation: When players rent a property to sell NFTs, 100% of the rental fee and 5% of the NFT revenue are collected by the Alliance. When players transfer properties, 5% of the transaction fee will be considered as a property tax and is collected by the Alliance. Tax is also imposed on all types of business transactions and the tax revenue is taken by the Alliance.

According to the team, tournaments will also be planned once the full blockchain version of the game is released, which is expected to be sometime in Q1 2022. IDOs are currently being discussed, with multiple launchpads expected also in Q1 2022. The team is currently hard at work and they have A LOT in store for us this year, so the best way to be kept up-to-date with all that’s happening with Endless Battlefield is by following them on their official channels below! Do also check out their website and YouTube channel as they have amazing gameplay videos and images to share!

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