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3 min readMar 1, 2022


FLUID Finance — The Liquidity Aggregator of the Future

Source: FLUID Twitter

As the digital asset and crypto space grows into a multi-trillion dollar industry, the ability to source liquidity across blockchains by exchanges and liquidity nodes efficiently, compliantly, and transparently remains a key problem to this day. Even the larger exchanges are bound to use inefficient, slow, and expensive liquidity providers who have high counterparty risks.

FLUID Finance was created to disrupt these inefficient forms of liquidity providers with a blockchain-based frictionless solution that replicates institutional level liquidity aggregation in the global FX markets. The ability to do this unlocks new win-win opportunities that will improve operational efficiency; lower costs; increase capital utilization; improve end-user experiences; and open new product development frontiers for exchanges, liquidity nodes and other pools of cross-chain liquidity.

FLUID is able to do so by using their AI-based universal order book and order-matching engine. This algorithm intelligently locates all the counterparties ready to trade on the terms offered on the order, even when they are distributed over multiple exchanges. The technical architecture provides seamless interoperability between member exchanges, resulting in unified global liquidity and a stabilized market. ​ ​Thanks to the latest technology, multi-party transactions are settled instantly across all chains, exchanges, and trading pairs using a blockchain-based solution overlaying an MPC wallet architecture.​

Source: FLUID Gitbook

All this is further enabled by FLUID’s proprietary hedging pool as they own their own liquidity and leverage it to make orders that are reflected in FLUID’s order book. By owning their liquidity, they can bypass major latency hurdles that others might face having to connect to multiple exchanges to aggregate data for the order book.

FLUID has over 20 years of quant-based modeling experience, therefore when you trade with FLUID you can expect a super fast response time as they are using the most advanced latency technology and hardware solution. FLUID is also working closely with regulators to ensure that they are compliant with regulatory bodies all over the world. Abiding by the best execution practices and accountability to regulators means that you will encounter zero counterparty risk when trading with FLUID.

To incentivize users, FLUID has built an attractive rewards system. You can earn $FLUID by farming in the FLUID liquidity pools, or single-side stake $FLUID to earn more $FLUID as rewards. There is also a fee recycle pool where if you stake $FLUID, you will receive a portion of collected trading fees.

According to their road map, FLUID is expected to hold its TGE in Q1 2022, with completion of their frontend API, client gateway and to start testing with exchanges in Q2. We can look forward to the official platform beta launch in Q1 2023.

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