Join us in the Affyn metaverse: Nexus World — where it’s more fun together!

We seem to have found an affinity with our newest strategic partner — Affyn. Their vision is to bring people closer together and remind the world what truly matters in life are our friends and family. And we at Vespertine couldn’t agree more! In this crazy world of crypto, we tend to get caught up with the ups and downs, the buys and sells, and the pumps and the dumps. But if there’s one thing that crypto has taught us, it is to be able to spot a 💎gem💎 from a mile away.

Source: Affyn website

And that gem is Affyn, a company with the right values, building Nexus World — a mobile play-to-earn metaverse that’s mapped to the real world. Using the geolocation tool on your device, you can explore, play and earn through quests, events and activities based where you are located. Most importantly, it is free-to-play, therefore lowering the barrier to entry for many.

Unlike many other projects which are simply hopping onto the metaverse bandwagon, Affyn has a carefully laid out plan, which includes a closed-loop economy which links up the Nexus ecosystem with the real world. This includes a lifestyle platform which will cater to non-crypto users as well! Imagine a global network of merchants which will offer benefits or discounts to you, simply for holding the $FYN token. The list of merchants will also be comprehensive, ranging from dining, to travel, to events, and shopping! There’s bound to be something for everyone!

And if you’re bored of the real world, you know that you can always go back ‘home’ to Nexus World, where it’ll be buzzing with activity. You can look forward to buying and owning land parcels, which stimulates economic activity in the metaverse. There will also be a host of user-centric activities that will allow you to gain rewards simply by participating. If you’ve played Pokemon Go before, then you’d be familiar with Augmented Reality (AR) using your mobile device. Affyn will be making use of AR technology to further stimulate our senses by organizing AR events in Nexus World!

According to their road map, their virtual and real-world services will be ready in Q2 2022. The team is busy developing and building and we can’t wait to see what else Affyn has in store for us. They also have a fully doxxed team behind the project, all of whom bring a wealth of experience which we are certain will make Affyn one of the hottest projects to look out for in 2022.

⚙️ Find out more about Affyn:

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