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3 min readJan 17, 2022


Metabase is changing people’s lives through their GameFi platform

Source: Metabase Website

Metabase is building an app that will empower players and investors to better participate in the play-to-earn gaming industry. While doing so, they will also become a distribution channel for play-to-earn games that are seeking players. By providing such a powerful platform, Metabase aims to be a bridge for players to enter the gaming metaverse and be able to derive value out of it.

Regardless of whether you are a player or manager, there is something for you on the Metabase platform. Here is an introduction to some of their unique features. All images are from the Metabase website.

Unified Dashboard: Automatically manages all your incoming GameFi earnings in one screen.

  • Live token and fiat earnings tracker
  • Financial analysis tools
  • Multi-game dashboard

Matchmaking Engine: Allows users to access and gain income from games faster by matching players with the NFT owners.

  • Player qualification system
  • Automation of NFT distribution
  • Player performance monitoring

Secure Payout and Off ramp Services: This helps to prevent players from being scammed by fraudulent managers by locking player shares into the system. Additionally, players without cryptocurrency experience can seamlessly convert their earnings into fiat through Metabase’s proprietary off ramp services.

  • Automation of claiming reward tokens
  • Automation of payout to a licensed exchange
  • Automation of off ramp to licensed e-wallets or other services

Hardware Enterprise Wallet for Security: Guilds can start lending players their assets without worrying about their security and safety.

To execute their strategy, Metabase will run a small guild to complement the platform that they are building. But what they hope to do is to provide value from their NFT token sharing program with players and also to empower managers and other guilds by providing the Metbase platform to help simplify their day-to-day workflow.

The native token of Metabase, $MTBS, will be used for community governance purposes that will allow token holders to participate in voting rights and earn revenue from economic activities. It will also be used for all fees and commissions relating to the use of Metabase products.

Metabase is expected to hold their IDO in Q1 2022 and the launch of the platform is expected shortly after. They will also continue to work on more features to ensure that both players’ and managers’ will have all that they need — right from the Metabase platform!

⚙️ Find out more about Metabase:
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