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Naturally Encrypted, Secure Tech (NEST) — Your Personal Blockchain

Source: NEST Twitter

Naturally Encrypted, Secure Tech (NEST) is a mobile-first, Web 3.0 passport and direct Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) service ecosystem filled with click-to-create options that allow users to uniquely secure, own and earn from their digital assets. NEST provides each user with a Self-Sovereign ID (SSID), permitting confidential yet authenticated engagements across existing networks and the metaverse, all with bespoke cryptographically secured master-data-asset-file controls.

NEST is a unique blockchain based iOS and Android mobile application, which can also be accessed on the web and on desktops. It had been built to deliver authentic Web 3.0 user-led digital control of both traditional and on-chain engagement. NEST does so by integrating an in-house and owned Layer-1 blockchain, with unlimited Layer-2 extensions. These solutions and functions allow NEST to disrupt the global messaging, social media, censorship, NFT and data collection industries.

Your choice of unencrypted versus encrypted transactions is a very simple decision. Today you are either in charge of your own content and data or someone else is. Confidential independence is a fundamental philosophical shift in the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Individual encryption, access and control is what defines the NEST zero-trust and zero-knowledge proof ecosystem.

Source: NEST Website

With NEST, you can truly feel confident in maintaining the confidentiality of your web identity. Create your own SSID, you can always choose whether to stay truly private or go immutably public. You can then create your content as you usually would, and import or move your asset through any network simply by using the app. Finally, you can certify the authenticity of the work with encrypted signatures.

When you use the NEST app, you earn Volary, which is the utility that tokenizes the use of NFTs and blockchain data-as-an-asset. Incentives to buy and earn Volary come from building communities, creating posts, promoting diverse content plus asset verifications or exchanges. Volary monetizes dynamic user data and chosen, newly authenticated blockchain transactions.

Currently the NEST® ecosystem permits minting on the Avalanche, Binance, Ethereum, Klaytn, Polygon/Matic, Solana and TOB® blockchain networks. Cross bridges between the Ethereum and Binance networks are live with still others set for staggered release.

Most tokens and even cryptocurrencies have limited practical utility outside of what they are meant to be used for. Volary tokens will become the ultimate digital currency for multi-chain content creation, monetization and exchange. Volary is designed for real-world ecosystem transactions. It enables provenance certification, confidential wallets, NFT + minting, secured open to public registrations, asset exchange of digital items and much more. Each Volary use case always holds a tangible, practical implementation.

NEST was built to redefine direct exchange, social media, data-registration and digital asset ownership, as for NFTs, In-Game Items and the like. This ecosystem addresses and solves the arising needs of reliable publicly set yet privately secured data, confidentiality of engagements and control of trusted exchange. NEST and Volary services extend across B2B, B2C, Direct to Consumer (D2C), and Direct from Consumer (DFC), networked industries. The opportunity that NEST is offering here is one app + the token that protects and monetizes private choice.

You can choose to hold or buy more Volary tokens, as it will be used for payments, registrations and multi-blockchain transactions. There is practical utility for the token as it will be used for governance and during dynamic and smart-contract edits. You will earn from content or data sales and broad types of engagement. The Volary token will also be used during AI database certification or accumulated for vault and total asset wraps.

The Volary token is expected to launch this year. For a more detailed walkthrough of what NEST is all about, you should check out their quick walkthrough video here.

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