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3 min readDec 2, 2021


SolChicks — the fiercest and cutest chicks you’ll ever meet!

Source: SolChicks website

If you haven’t heard of SolChicks by now, you’ve either been hiding under a rock or you’re new to crypto. Either way, it’s not too late! Our strategic partner has recently taken the cryptoverse by storm, with its immensely adorable chicks armed with full battle gear, engaging in ferocious battles Battle Royale-style.

We can say with certainty that SolChicks is likely to be the most anticipated play-to-earn game launching on the Solana blockchain this year. It has already announced several records ahead of the game token officially listing on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

  • Game demo has been played by over 70,000 people
  • Social traffic increased by 700% to over 500,000 community members across all channels within the past few weeks
  • Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launches on over 30 launchpads
  • The rarest SolChicks NFT sold for as much as 160 SOL (approximately US$35,000)

Having just played the game demo ourselves, we don’t wanna spoil anything for you. But we can say with certainty that the game does live up to its hype. It has an engaging plot that immediately draws you into the story, and you even get to battle a monster during the demo, so you can get to try out the game mechanics for yourself. Access the game demo here.

Source: SolChicks Medium

In a nutshell, you take on the character of your favorite SolChick where you can participate in PvP battles and earn in-game SolCoin rewards. SolChicks are highly customizable based on the primary and secondary stats that your character possesses. There will also be unique NFT items and equipment which will help to make your SolChick even stronger! These can be traded in the in-game or secondary marketplace.

And if you love your SolChick so much that you want to breed a baby SolChick of your own. This is available for players who have reached a certain level in the game. The great thing about breeding is that it allows you to potentially hatch a SolChick with rarer attributes than its parents with a cost of some in-game tokens.

There is so much in store for SolChicks and do take note that in order to access the game when the alpha version drops in Q1 2022, you’ll need to be holding one of the 10,000 limited SolChicks NFTs, as game access will be limited at the start. If you don’t already own the NFT, fret not. There is a mechanism that will allow NFT owners to stake their SolChicks, meaning other players can borrow the NFT at a small cost to join the game.

In the meantime, be sure to get your hands on their in-game token ($CHICKS) when it lists on Raydium on the 6th of Dec.

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