Stay in Destiny World — A game that hopes to bridge blockchain and human society

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The Stay In Destiny World game was created as a solution to the gaming boom that is happening right now. There are so many Play-to-earn games out there and it seems like everybody is jumping onto the gaming bandwagon and trying to make a living from it. However, not many are successful because of the high barriers to entry.

In this regard, Stay In Destiny World exists for this reason, which is to demonstrate the true purpose of NFTs in gaming and to ensure financial freedom for gamers who would like to have the opportunity to make money from playing the game. In order to do so, the first 5000 fortunate players will be able to join the game for free.

The game is considered a DeFi NFT game with multiple gameplay involved: Rare crypto-collectibles, action role-playing, farming strategy and community building. With 9 unique characters to choose from in Season 1 of the game, each character will possess basic stats, which in turn makes up the rarity of the character in the game.

The character will randomly have 1 of the following 9 basic attributes when summoned:

Source: Stay in Destiny Medium

The base rarity stat will be attached to the character, and cannot be changed or upgraded. The characters are also not assigned any rarity levels. This means that the team does not set a basic rarity from the beginning, but the rarity of the character is completely dependent on how the player interacts and takes care of their characters. This is why the characters in the game are referred to as your “friend”, as they need to be cared for as if they were your friend. By doing so, you can achieve the maximum rarity stat for your character.

Once your character is ready, it’s time to wander around Destiny World and there’s plenty that you can do. You can choose to battle against monsters, or enter in fun contests when you can earn rewards. There will also be random special events, where you will be able to earn even better rewards. The only way to be aware of these events is by continually playing the game and being as engaged as possible.

The in-game token is called $SIW and is the main utility token to be used. All purchases, transactions in the marketplace and rewards will be in $SIW. According to the road map, the IDO for Stay in Destiny World will be happening in December 2021, with the token launch also expected in the same month.

Following which, it’ll be a short wait before the beta launch of the game, which is expected to drop in the first half of 2022. In the meantime, don’t miss your chance to check in daily, in order for a shot at a treasure box, which will give you valuable items required for the game.

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