The ultimate dog-lover’s metaverse — DeFly Ball!

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3 min readDec 10, 2021

Source: DeFly Ball Medium

If you are not familiar with Flyball, you are not alone. Flyball is a dog sport that gained popularity in the US and has since expanded into many countries, including Australia, Canada and some European countries. The actual sport involves teams of 4 dogs competing against each other from the start to finish line, over a line of hurdles, to a box that releases a tennis ball to be caught when the dog presses the spring-loaded pad, then back to their handlers while carrying the ball.

Incorporating this to the virtual and crypto world, our strategic partner DeFly Ball is developing the first-ever dogs metaverse racing game. Using NFT technology, DeFly Ball is an amazing and captivating game which allows dog lovers to own, train, feed and trade their super dogs. This is a journey that you will take with your dogs to help train them to become race-ready athletes. You can collect NFT items along the way which you can then sell, create or rent on the DeFly Marketplace, making it a fun and engaging way to play-to-earn.

If you are familiar with how Flyball works, then you can imagine that the steps in DeFly Ball would pretty much be the same. First you’ll need to decide on which super dogs you’d like. There are 4 classes of dogs (and their names) available:

  • Elite: Amnesia & Ron
  • Legendary: Patronum, Selvis & Celvic
  • Exclusive: Blaza & Riley
  • Sprinter: Rocco, Rover & Toby

Depending on which dogs you choose, they will have different characteristics. You can then start the game by having your dogs complete training, which will increase their level of play. Your dogs’ energy, stamina, mobility, and skills are increased through training. Dogs need to be trained in four basic qualities to beat their competitors: take-off, hurdles, ball, and holding ball practice. Your dogs must learn these skills to progress to Face-Off Mode.

Of course after a long day of training, your dogs would definitely be hungry. You will need to take care of your dogs by feeding them food satchels after each training. These will be available in the marketplace. Feeding them will motivate your precious dogs and give them energy for the hectic days ahead.

In DeFly Ball, there are three modes of game play:

  1. Bots Mode: All players will begin in this mode where you train, feed, and prepare your dogs. Teams of 4 dogs will compete against a team of 4 bot dogs.
  2. Face-Off Mode: A single dog from your team will compete against an opponent from another team.
  3. Live Tournament: A match against a real-world team like yours.

Source: DeFly Ball pitch deck

The $DEFLY tokens play their role as a utility as well as governance token within the DeFly Ball ecosystem. $DEFLY is used for every purchase in the game, ranging from getting your first super dog characters, training, purchasing food, renting dogs and any other transaction. $DEFLY may also be staked, allowing you to claim rewards.

The DeFly Ball team has certainly built a great product based on an existing sport that dog lovers would be familiar with. Now it’s time to immerse yourself into the world of DeFly Ball by getting your hands on some of those $DEFLY tokens. IDOs will be held on 10–11 December, with a Pancakeswap listing on 12 December.

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