Tribe Land — the first metaverse, MMORPG & play-to-earn game on Solana

The Tribe Land team is building something great on Solana — the first MMORPG play-to-earn metaverse that will take you back to a land lost in time. We get to take on the role of a prehistoric human being, with the ability to explore vast lands, conquer territories, build our own tribes, raise beasts, learn mythical spells and turn resources into digital assets.

Source: Tribe Land Lite Paper

If you are a fan of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG), you will love Tribe Land’s take on it. You will take on a unique role-playing experience with 4 tribes, each with their own quest system. The cross-tribe system allows endless possibilities of character development and customization. In Tribe Land, you will feel as if you’ve stepped into a primordial world, making friends with mysterious creatures, and learning how to survive with resources that you can find.

There are 4 continents in Tribe Land, each with a limited number of territory that players can own. When you own a territory, you can construct buildings to unlock additional features in the game. A territory has 3 levels and the higher the level, the more buildings can be built inside it, subject to a maximum of 10 buildings per territory. Some of the buildings include Blacksmith, Mineral Mines, Temple, Farm, Training Camp and Guild House. Each of these will have a specific function in the game that will help you to progress. Building types will also be updated and expanded as the game progresses.

Tribe Land also promises to be heavily integrated with DeFi, given its play-to-earn mechanics. The first phase of Tribe Land will feature:

  • Territory Yield, which allows you to automatically earn when you own a territory
  • In-Game DEX, for token exchange
  • Marketplace & Auctions House, for you to trade/sell NFTs
  • Staking Pool, to get a yield on both tokens and NFTs

Tribe Land has 2 different kinds of in-game tokens, which serve different purposes. The first one is $TRBL, which has a limited total supply and a deflationary mechanism. $TRBL can be used to buy territories, vote in the game’s T-DAO, as well as participate in the game’s DeFi activities. The other token is $SHELL, which has the total supply increasing alongside the development of Tribe Land. The $SHELL token is used to pay for in-game activities, such as resource mining, forging items, improving territories, upgrading buildings etc. Both tokens will be interchangeable in the in-game DEX.

The Tribe Land vision has divided their roadmap into several phases, with each phase having different goals. Their ultimate goal is to create a fully decentralized metaverse, where the community can have complete control over the entire operations of the game. The roadmap will be adapted accordingly in the future but the general idea is that it will take 4 years to make Tribe Land one of the most played blockchain games in this space, with a fully functioning ecosystem and DeFi-integrated products that help maintain the intrinsic values of our in-game assets.

If you are interested to participate in Tribe Land and get your hands on $TRBL tokens, you’ll need to head to their Public Auction, happening on December 15. 190,000,000 $TRBL will be auctioned using the Overflow method during this sale. The hard-cap for our Auction will be $1,900,000 USDC.

To have a glimpse of what Tribe Land looks like, you can also watch their trailer here, and be sure to follow them on their channels below.

⚙️ Find out more about Tribe Land:
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