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3 min readJan 3, 2022


Unilab — the modern way to launch smart contracts without any coding skills required!

Source: UniLab Twitter

It all started with Bitcoin enabling individuals to move value online peer-to-peer, without a trusted intermediary like a bank. DeFi builds on that concept, by enabling peer-to-peer models for lending, trading, investing, insurance and more, all built on top of decentralized, distributed networks, thus reducing the need for the intermediary. These innovations are possible, thanks to what we refer to today as a smart contract — a self-executing and immutable agreement settled on a blockchain.

If you are a project that wants to start up in the crypto space, chances are that you will need to use smart contracts as the basis of what you do. However, smart contracts on their own have also created much bad press, with financial loss as a result of defective code as the main problem. Heavy, technical knowledge is required to create, deploy and manage smart contracts. And sometimes, if you’re a project owner and you hire a developer to code the contract for you, you may not even be able to verify if what he had written as code is indeed what you have asked for.

Unilab has thoroughly studied the gaps and challenges faced by the crypto projects of today. By combining the experience of leading eCommerce no-code platforms, Unilab is ready to take blockchain adoption to the next level by making launching smart contracts easier than ever! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a long-time expert, Unilab’s no-code smart contracts will empower you to effortlessly build fully customizable, trusted, and manageable smart contracts instances.

Developers can make money, enterprises can save time, and we as end users will be on the receiving end with better, faster and more secure smart contracts. Taking a page out of popular websites such as Shopify, Wordpress and Wix, projects do not need a technology background to manage smart contracts, as Unilab have built a no-code platform that utilizes a friendly wizard empowering anyone to effortlessly create smart contracts with an all-in-one smart contract management dashboard.

As an end user, you do not need to worry about underlying security such as anti-bot and auditing, as Unilabs has Web 3.0 smart contract templates that have already been audited by world-class security teams. As a result, smaller projects can also make the most of enterprise level smart contracts, simply by using Unilab.

There will be different types of contracts available, with different codebases and networks to choose from as well. With the increasing popularity of web3.0 use-cases, Unilab enables everyone to leverage easy-to-customize templates & decentralized utilities, made by world-class developers.

The $ULAB Token is used as the primary payment method of the platform and provides access to all features on the Unilab platform. Holding $ULAB will give you access to all premium features and you can even stake it to receive a portion of the platform’s revenue.

$ULAB is expected to list on Pancakeswap in Jan 2022.

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