Vespertine x FOTA AMA — Recap

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8 min readMar 2, 2022

We are excited to finally have an AMA with the “Fight of the Ages” (FOTA) team. Here’s a recap of our conversation with Jack — the Global Community Manager of FOTA Metaverse. If you missed the AMA, read on to learn all about the exciting happenings at FOTA.

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: Thank you for joining us today. We are very excited to have you here to talk all about FOTA.

Jack | FOTA Global CM: I’m very happy to be here too for joining the AMA

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: Great! To get started, can you introduce yourself to our community and give us a quick view into your crypto background?

Jack | FOTA Global CM: I think today, I can share some of the detail information about FOTA Metaverse and some special image about our game

So let me introduce myself. My name is Jack. I am Global Community Manager of FOTA Metaverse since the very beginning of our project.

As you know our team meet with each other very soon. And I have experience in the Crypto/Blockhain for 4 years. The team has the idea to utilize the usecase of NFT. And no where to be better than Game that integrates with Blockchain.

I advise our team for the marketing strategy and how to build an community full of crypto lover as well as traditional gamer around the world

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: Great to hear. The FOTA community is one of the strongest, largest communities we have seen. Well done!

Jack | FOTA Global CM: Thank you for you kind words 😊

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: To start with, please tell us a little bit about FOTA and the vision/inspiration behind creating FOTA

Jack | FOTA Global CM: In the past, players have accepted that their items are stuck forever in games and can’t move freely. Blockchain gaming serves to unchain those barriers and carry even more exciting developments. At FOTA, we implement Blockchain technology to:

👉 Absolute Ownership: FOTA provides the NFT Assets as a tool for players to control and manage their crypto-asset, such as Heroes, Skin, Weapon, and other equipment in their private wallet.

👉 Metaverse Economy: Blockchain acts as a layer 1 to power the entire financial and economic activities such as payment gateway, asset exchange, asset rent,…

Moreover, we want our community to balance between Earning and Entertainment at the sametime.

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: Absolutely. Great combination and getting the balance right is key! Thanks for the introduction.

Next question: What are the different gameplay modes within the FOTA metaverse? And how can a player get started with FOTA?

Jack | FOTA Global CM: Sure Gameplay is the most focusing feature of our project. And many users want to understand about this aspect.

We will have 2 gameplays: PvP Mode and PvE Mode

For Player-v-Player:

1️⃣ Duel: players can organize their own match at any time based on FOTA’s automatic matching algorithm.
2️⃣ Arena: players can create rooms in 1v1 mode where each user controls 3 to 5 heroes, and 2v2 to 5v5 mode, where each user controls 1 hero.
3️⃣ Tournament: are major competitions held on a quarterly or annual basis, in which players will be chosen as the champion with the title of The Universe Champion.

Especially that the Tournament in PvP Mode will be organized as E-Sport for many players around the world to combat 😎

For Player-v-Environment:

1️⃣ Daily Quest: layers will fully experience the storyline throughout the FOTA universe
2️⃣ Warrior Quest: he platform will organize events to maintain rankings for all players to promote development and help players get back the incentive rewards that are FOTA Tokens
3️⃣ Seasonal Quest: the platform will host side events that allow players to complete quests and receive Super Rare items or rewards.

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: Wow. That’s a lot of possibility and ways to engage with the FOTA metaverse. I am trully excited about the e-sports aspect of this. That could be huge!

Jack | FOTA Global CM: Yes. Do you want to see something special ;)

So this is our PvP Mode

This is the PvE Mode with 3 maps

This is the Quest with Reward and Exp ;)

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital:Nice! The character looks dope! And I’m definitely not entering Nightmare 😂

So is there a training arena for beginners to get started and trained?

Jack | FOTA Global CM: We will deploy the Trial Play before you can actually play it.

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: Got it. The gameplay looks mindblowing. Btw I see that there’s a unique NFT ecosystem planned and an exciting NFT marketplace as well. Can you share more details about them?

Jack | FOTA Global CM: Yup for sure. So for the NFT, everyone will be required to have at least 1 hero with a weapon and skin to enter the game, so that everyone can complete Missions in PvE Mode and Battles in PvP Mode. and the price of each Hero will range from 100$ to 200$.

Moreover on our FOTA Marketplace:

⭐️ Trade NFT: NFTs that users can trade on the FOTA Marketplace include the System of Hundreds of Heroes that are updated every week, Fotaland, Skins, and 70 items.

⭐️Rent-to-play: Rent-to-play allows players who already have Heroes and Items of high levels to rent out those NFT properties on the FOTA Marketplace. we already deployed the page for the Marketplace, however, we still not put the item on it

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: The heroes look great on the marketplace. Do they have special skills / characteristics?

Jack | FOTA Global CM: Yes, each heroes will have different skill with status based on their Class

Because you will have an option to create a team of 5 heroes for battle, you can have a great strategy for each combination of classes.

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: Nice. I love a good strategy battle. Cyril looks evil and ominous — that’s my pick for the Hero🙂

Now do tell us how the FOTA token fits within this ecosystem and the use case/utility it plays?

Jack | FOTA Global CM: you can click in this link to see more information of Cyril

Our Project Token is $FOTA

You can use $FOTA to:
✅ Purchase common class Hero/Item/Skin in the Official Store on Market Place;
✅ Reward for the P2E;
✅ Collateral for NFT Rental;
✅ Join the Farming Program.

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: Everything looks exciting. Do share with us the game development/release plan for FOTA and its expansion plan in the coming time.

Jack | FOTA Global CM: At the moment, we already released the Beta Testing version. And we are debugging it internally. In the next couple of weeks, we will introduce the Public Beta Version, so that many players can join in and send us the feedback.

Meanwhile, we are working with many game Guild to ensure that we can attract more traditional gamers and covert investors to gamers too

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: I look forward to the Public Beta! So one last question — and then I’ll turn over to the community for their questions.

More often than not, the key to success is the team behind it all. Can you tell us about the team behind FOTA and their experience in game development?

Jack | FOTA Global CM: Yes 🤩

The core team include:

⭐️ CEO Duc Trinh: He is also the Investment Advisor of Hobbit Venture, with 4 years of experience in the Blockchain Industry. (LinkedIn:

⭐️ COO/CPO Binh Nguyen: He is Principal Engineer at KIXEYE STUDIO and Technical Consulting Architect at VNG Corporation with many years experience in Gaming Industry (LinkedIN:

⭐️ CTO Ryan Nguyen: He is one of the 200 most talented engineers globally under the Microsoft Aspire Program. (LinkedIn:

⭐️ Art Director: Mr Minh Hoang (LinkedIn:

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital: Thanks for introducing the team. Great experience.

We’ll move to the next segment. I’ll open up the chat now for our community members to chime with their questions. Please select 4–5 questions (more if you have time) to answer.

Question 1: Do you have any solution for the anti-inflaton, because it is the headache problem of many projects right now.

Jack | FOTA Global CM: Yes, we do have. We have a Treasury Fund:

The Treasury will be used as an anti-inflation fund for the FOTA Marketplace. Besides, the Treasury will be used to buy back and burn the first NFTs listed for sale every quarter. For the amount in the Treasury that is not used up, these tokens will be burned at the end of each quarter.

Question 2: The site lists Microsoft as a partner. How do you cooperate and what benefits does the partnership bring?

Jack | FOTA Global CM: FOTA integrates the Microsoft Mesh technology, a Platform built by Microsoft Corporation to explore and experience the Metaverse in the best way. Microsoft Mesh is the world’s first Platform that fully supports MR technology.

MR (Mixed reality), also known as hybrid reality, is a world mixed between reality and virtual world in which real and virtual objects both exist and interact in real-time. MR is a combination of VR and AR technologies. In MR, the things of the real world and the virtual world will interact with each other. Mixed reality technology is similar to AR. But not monotonous with graphics or text on the real background, this technology focuses on systems, links to create an environment full of facilities such as SKYPE phone calls or Microsoft Hololens 2 to connect all multimedia content and entertainment.

Question 3: Will the game be avaiiable on major platforms? xbox, steam etc over time? (knowing that crypto makes it harder to join these platforms)

Jack | FOTA Global CM: Yes, we will release the game on iOS, Android, WebGL first. Than on PC platform later with Window and MacOS

Question 4: I see the term Fotawallet , How that will be used or that is for In game features only ?

Jack | FOTA Global CM: The FOTA Wallet is the EVM Base Chain, so it is very easy to use. The reason behind our decision to create our own wallet is that FOTAWallet will help users more easily access many DeFi products inside our Metaverse. Moreover, we will have the Avatar as our NFT also, so it will be much more beautiful to display it on our wallet.

You guys have a lot of good questions, I hope I can answer more in the future

TwilightMaster | Vespertine Capital : Thank you for spending an hour with us today and enlightening us about FOTA and more importantly getting us all excited.

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