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Voice Street: Music NFT & GameFi platform that will be music to your ears!

Source: Voice Street Twitter

Voice Street is committed to building the world’s largest NFT platform for music IP derivatives, providing easy-to-use and complete digital music infrastructure to digital music creators, and making digital music creation and distribution more efficient and convenient by building a NFT distribution platform.

Music copyright fragmentation trading and music IP derivative value development (music gamification) are the two core sectors of Voice Street’s operation. Voice Street allows music creators to distribute NFTs of their music works, fans to support their favorite creators by purchasing NFTs of their music creators, and NFT holders to share the revenue generated from subsequent music works through the form of staking, realizing a shared economy between creators and fans.

Unlike traditional centralized music platforms that focus on popular musicians with a huge fan base, Voice Street focuses on supporting independent musicians and new music talents, helping them integrate online communities, offline performances and personal branding to achieve fan-based realization, value growth and content innovation, so as to achieve a win-win ecosystem for both musicians and fans.

As a platform, Voice Street provides creators, investors, publishers, or record companies with transparent music ownership rights through securitization of music as an IP asset and the transactions are securely recorded on the blockchain. Voice Street does not try to challenge the existing music industry, but instead, through the innovation of NFT technology, it has shown that it can remain complementary to the existing systems in place.

Source: Voice Street Medium

Voice Street has also strategically branched into GameFi while remaining true to its heritage. Starting off with their limited edition NFT series called Daffy Panda Ganging up, Daffy Panda has its own unique style which is seen through the generation of independent artists’ skin color, eyes, headdress, accessories, props, clothing, and other multi-dimensional image attributes.

Owning a Daffy Panda gives you the right to be among the first to enter the music game “Ark of Panda”, a music-themed role-playing community game that Voice Street is currently working on. The background of the story is set in 2122 and quantitative easing policies around the world caused a financial crisis, leading to the collapse of the economic system. At the same time, humans’ greed for the earth’s natural resources resulted in the demise of the earth.

In preparation for humans to move to their new home, 10,000 brave warriors (or holders of a Daffy Panda NFT) will be selected to join the Ark. Daffy Pandas will bring all the memorable artworks, animals, and memories of human civilization onto the Ark to rebuild their homeland, start a new life in Utopia, and continue the development of human civilization. Ark of Panda is built on the VoiceStreet platform, with a collection of Voice Street platform musicians playing for their dreams and holding online concerts to gradually own and expand their fan DAO community, tour the world within the game, and earn in-game tokens by releasing chart-topping records.

In the game, players can form a band of their own to become world stars. You can give yourself a stage name. To progress in the game, you can design the band’s performance list, and use music NFTs bought from the Voice Street platform in the game. The songs performed by the band on the stage can be created either by yourself or by other creators. You can also purchase music NFTs on Voice Street and add them to the playlist. There are many different ways to play the game and given that it’s a community game, it is entirely up to you to decide which path you would like to take as the possibilities are endless.

In order to facilitate transactions on its music NFT platform and also in the “Ark of Panda” game, Voice Street will have its very own $VST token, which is expected to launch in December 2021. The music NFT platform is already live, with works already on sale in the marketplace. And if you are interested in playing the game, this is expected to be ready in Q1 2022. There are still some Daffy Pandas up for sale, so be sure to follow their socials below so that you can try to get them before they sell out!

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