ZAM on-chain CeFi & DeFi ecosystem

We are proud to form a strategic partnership with, whose vision is to expand the crypto market by creating powerful and intuitive instruments that connect people and capital from traditional finance to Decentralized Finance. And backing that vision is an entire on-chain ecosystem that they’ve been building since 2018.

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For more information about the different products within the ecosystem, check out their Medium article here.

With such a comprehensive ecosystem in play, has three main goals, which are clear and concise:

  • To get people and merchants to use and accept stablecoins as well as other crypto assets as a form of payment with easy transition between fiat and crypto.
  • To enable users easy access to invest, fundraise, send, receive and store crypto.
  • To build an infrastructure that supports the operation of our ecosystem and accelerates adoption.

And in order to achieve these goals, they have developed multiple revenue streams: (i.e. exchange operations, crypto processing for business, secure emission of stablecoins for business, buying cryptocurrency with a card, withdrawing cryptocurrency to fiat currency), DeFi (i.e. farming, liquidity pool mining, masternode staking), zMorgan (zMorgan interest, protocol fee), (premium subscription, consumer microloans, digital debit cards payments, remittance and international transfers, service and payments). Adding on to this is an aggressive marketing strategy starting with countries in the CIS and MENA regions. Once sustainable revenue streams have been established in the CIS and MENA, they then plan to expand to other regions, starting with Southeast Asia.

Their token $ZAM will be launched on Pancakeswap on Nov 2, followed by and Uniswap on Nov 3.





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